Certificates - Satel Spain

Satel Spain’s commitment to quality and the environment is reflected in their Comprehensive Management System, evidenced by the following certificates:


  • ISO 9001:  Quality Management System certification
  • ISO 14001:  Environment Management System certification


Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate ISO 14001



Integrated management policy


SATEL SPAIN S.L., a company which realises their business activity by providing monitoring and remote control solutions, specialising in wireless communication, has defined the following policy with respect to their Integrated Management, Quality, Environment and Energy Efficiency Systems:

  • To be an expert company in the provision of data capture, monitoring and control solutions, with specialisation in wireless communication; our priority is to resolve the problems proposed by our clients, providing high quality, reliable solutions in such a manner that they may develop into a notable leader in their sector, ensuring the client’s robustness and continued performance.
  • To collaborate with suppliers that, in line with the above, provide products of the highest quality and durability.
  • To design a range of end-to-end communication and data monitoring solutions which can meet the demands of the market.
  • To efficiently manage our facilities and equipment, in a manner that minimises electrical consumption and increases energy performance.
  • To incorporate energy parameters in selection criteria when purchasing new equipment, for the purpose of improving the organisation’s energy efficiency.
  • Satel Spain’s management is committed to establishing the processes capable of guaranteeing the points indicated above, in an environment of continuous improvement, the aim being to implement and develop a Management System based on quality analysis, preventing contamination and improving energy efficiency, and which extends to all of the company’s activities.
  • They are also committed to ensuring the availability of information and full access to all possible resources that may be required to achieve their goals.
  • Satel Spain is committed to complying with all of the applicable Quality, Environment, energy consumption and/or energy efficiency legislation and regulations, at all levels: European Union, national, regional, local and voluntarily assumed requirements, permanently adapting to meet the said rules.


These policies provide a reference framework for establishing SATEL SPAIN’s objectives and shall be reviewed annually when Management conducts their System Review.


Environmental policy


The development of our activities promotes environmental protection and the prevention of contamination – this environmental policy has been certified and awarded the certification ISO 14001.

Furthermore, Satel Spain was one of the first 100 companies in Spain to obtain the certification ISO 50001, granted for the implementation of the Energy Management system in our facilities in ‘las Rozas’, Madrid, whose objective was to make continuous improvements in energy management and usage while carrying out our activities. 

Satel Spain, guarantees the collection and appropriate management of waste generated following the use or consumption of electrical and electronic apparatus which they place in the market, by strictly adhering to the corresponding Integrated Waste Management System.

In 2012, Satel Spain was recognised for its contribution to Sustainable Development through the award of the Instituto Crea Medioambiente certificate (authorised by the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Food and the Environment), thanks to its Consumption Monitoring activities aimed at increasing energy efficiency.