Monitoring consumption

SenNet Satel Spain’s solution for monitoring consumption is called SenNet Optimal.

SenNet Optimal is a multiple monitoring system for different energy consumptions (electric, gas, thermal, etc.), comfort parameters (temperature, humidity, radiation, etc.) and other non-energy related consumption (water, etc.).

The solution is based on the SenNet DL160 and SenNet DL161 dataloggers combined with radio devices:

  • SenNet DL160: can monitor up to 100 devices per datalogger and transmit the data captured in CSV format via FTP or directly to an energy management system (EMS) or SCADA. Incorporates a radio frequency transceiver so that its integration with the equipment to be monitored in the building is simple and wireless.
  • SenNet DL161: the same as the SenNet DL160 but it includes 3 three-phase or 6 single-phase meters.
  • OWA31IETH: the same as the SenNet DL160 but with no integrated radio frequency.

The radio transceiver incorporated in the SenNet DL160 and SenNet DL161 dataloggers is one of their most important features because it means they can combine with wireless meters:

  • THLIO-RF: measures temperature, humidity, luminosity and is equipped with I/O. Operates with a built-in battery or an external power supply.
  • Gateway-RF: allows any meter equipped with RS232 or RS485 interfaces to integrate with the radio network.
  • Repeater-RF: extends the coverage of the radio network.
  • EMN-RF: uses integrated current sensors for electricity metering via radio of up to 2,000 A.
  • DIM-RF: control lighting levels via radio.