Multipoint solutions facilitate the transmission and reception of signals between a master and several remote points. Our solutions are:

Based around the OWA31I datalogger

OWA31 datalogger - Satel Spain

Using the application known as SuperVision, which operates with up to 50 remote units.

  • This solution employs SATELLINE 3AS or SATELLINE 1870(E) radio modems
  • Particularly recommended for projects with several remote units or which require complete flexibility when it comes to signal routing configuration

Based on SenNet 140 equipment

  • The SenNet 140 always forms the base equipment and the remote units can be either SenNet 140 or ILINK with SATELLINE 1870(E) radio modems
  • If one SATELLINE 1870(E) radio modem is incorporated into a SenNet 140 system then the whole network should use these modems.
  • Especially recommendable for projects with few remote units and distances of up to 8 km (as a guide)


Based around computers

  • A complete and flexible signal routing plan can be prepared using the software program PC Pro. The master is therefore a Windows-based computer with PC Pro software installed.