SenNet Optimal is a monitoring solution to meter consumption (electricity, gas, water) and other variables (temperature, humidity, presence, lighting …); both for industries and for businesses in the tertiary sector.

The aim is to optimize the energy efficiency of a building through efficient consumption based on information.

The advantages are: be informed in real time about consumption and monitored data, understand the impact of consumption on your bill, control the demand and obtain additional information.

It is addressed to all businesses that want to measure and control their consumption (electricity, gas, heat, water …), save on energy bills and create an energy-saving culture in the company.


The heart of the solution SenNet Optimal is the data logger, or hub, which is able to connect to all kinds of meters and sensors, working as a central unit of a wireless or cable network.

The dataloggers can be connected to third-party sensors or to SenNet’s devices.  Once the information of these devices is captured, it can be sent to the data-visualization software of SenNet or to other Energy Management Software (EMS). There are different types of connections to send the data; thuse, SenNet offers GPRS dataloggers, 3G, Ethernet…

The devices, the datalogger and the software, form a monitoring system that allows for detecting inneficiencies, irregular consumptions, wasting points, etc. It also allows for creating control rules or customized alarms to save energy.


  • Comprehensive monitoring: Measures, manages and controls.
  • For all consumer needs: Any type of consumption. The integrated electricity meters save time, space and money.
  • Open solution: Compatible with any metering device we may come across at your facilities. The customer is not tied to a particular brand or software.
  • Scalable Solution: Suitable for all kinds of businesses, from small shops to large buildings. It can be extended according to future needs.
  • Inexpensive installation: Thanks to the diversity of communications (radio, GPRS, cable) it is not necessary to lay cable; so, the installation is faster and cheaper.

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Datalogger SenNet DL172

Datalogger SenNet DL171

Datalogger SenNet DL170

Datalogger SenNet DL151

Datalogger SenNet DL150

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