We have a wide range of solutions to read fiscal meters. Directly from them through IEC- 870-5-102 protocols and/or DLM COSEM protocols.

The connection with the meter can be made directly through the Optical port or through Serial interface (RS232 or RS485).

Communication between the datalogger and the fiscal meters can be through radiofrequency or wired.

We can make multiple applications with data obtained from the fiscal meter protocol, moreover, we can contrast that the invoices are correct.


Fiscal meter reading allows us to do different issues, such as adjusting the quarter-hour power by synchronizing the datalogger with the time of the meter and unbalancing loads before each quarter-hour closing.

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Datalogger SenNet DL172

Datalogger SenNet DL171

Datalogger SenNet DL170

Datalogger SenNet DL151

Datalogger SenNet DL150

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