In GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) positioning and timing data is encoded in the satellite signals from space. GNSS is used for example in land surveying, mapping, location based services, precision farming, space applications, maritime, machine control, mining and military.

Accuracy, continuity and availability are essential in GNSS.

SATEL’s radio networking technology

SATEL’s radio technology is used worldwide in a variety of GNSS RTK, remote measurement and control and interrogation applications. It provides an independent solution based on quality, reliability, continuity and low life cycle cost. The radio technology is used both separately and also as integrated into measurement devices. The installation is made easy.

In real-time Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and Real Time Kinematic GPS (RTK) the data is transmitted from the base GNSS receiver situated in a known position to the rover GNSS receiver. The rover GNSS receiver takes the base data into account in order to calculate its own position in centimeter accuracy. SATEL’s radio technology is an excellent choice for wireless data link between GNSS base and rover stations. SATEL radio modem sends the position correction data from the base station to the rover once a second.

Examples of GNSS systems with our products are:

  • Land surveying: Correction data from the base to the rover station
  • Agriculture: Precision farming
  • Machine control: Based to positioning information
  • Harbor logistics: Wireless container positioning information and terminal management systems
  • Port cranes: Remote and real-time control based to positioning information

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