The SenNet case is a portable device which do not require installation, it permits to analyse power consumption from 1 up to 6 three-phase or 18 single-phase electrical circuits at the same time.

The SenNet Case is the ideal tool to analyse electrical circuits for companies and professionals which need to capture energy consumption profiles as well as electrical parameters of operation in a facility during period of time.


Data it captures

The SenNet Case can capture the following parameters from up to 6 three-phase electrical circuits:

  • Active, reactive and apparent total and per phase Power.
  • Active, reactive and apparent total and per phase Energy
  • Voltage of each phase.
  • Current of each phase.
  • Power factor of each phase.



Additionally, the SenNet Case is a quality analyser tool of supply.

It can analyse:

  • Voltage and current harmonics from every single phase.
  • Harmonics up to 16º of current and voltage from every single phase.
  • Detection of overvoltage.
  • Detection of low voltage.
  • High accuracy in frequency captured value.


Ready to use

The SenNet Case do not require installation, you only have to leave it in an electrical panel or hang it up close to a panel.
Its design is thought to measure temporal electrical consumptions: hours, days, weeks, even months…
Data is logged in a SD card or is sent to a virtual platform by CSV.


The SenNet case is completely portable due to its weight, size and shape. Moreover, it is really easy to move from a facility to an another one.
The device has been designed as a little suitcase with bags to carry the components required: current sensors, pliers of current-measuring, pliers of measurement voltage reference, etc.
Connection to electrical circuits from 5A up to 5000A using current transducers and flexible coils.



The target is to analyse the behaviour of energy in different electrical systems. Capturing data of 6 three-phase or 18 single-phase circuits.
Perfect device for office, shops, hotels, industrial plants, and in general, for any building which is required to do a measurement study of energy consumption.


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