6 Three-phase meters in the palm of your hand.

SenNet Compact Meter is an electrical analyser designed to be installed in a simple way and measure up to 6 three-phase circuits (or 18 single-phase). It is a small equipment, but with huge technical benefits.

It is available through RS485 serial port (SenNet CM+) or through radio 868MHz (SenNet CM RF) to communicate directly to the Sennet radio networking.

We have a simple version with 3 three-phase meters (or 9 single-phase) called, SenNet CM.

Every version has a console port and WiFi to configurate.

All the meters are Class 1 precision and can be configurated as a three-phase or as a single-phase (or both at the same time). The device also has a console port and WiFi to configurate.

The most important advantages of the SenNet CM are the following:

  • Accurate power measure, precision class 1% (Class 1).
  • Quality energy measures functions: frequency measure with a 0,0195% precision and detection of increases and decreases of voltage (dips and sags).
  • Sending of data captured by RS485 serial port or Radio (Optional).
  • Compact: Only 106x95x55 mm (approximate half liter) can harbor until 3 three-phase meters.
  • Measures: Power (active, reactive and apparent), energy (active, reactive and apparent), power factor, current, voltage and frequency. Power failure detection and voltage peaks.
  • DIN-Rail mounting.

The SenNet Compact Meters satisfy safety and quality rules:

  • EN 50470-1
  • EN 50470-3
  • IEC 62053-21
  • IEC 62053-23
  • Directives 2006/95/CE and 2001/95/CE
  • Directive 2004/108/CE
  • Directive 1999/5/CE



Especificación Valor
Alimentación 100-265 VAC
Configuración & Acceso a datos WIFI (recomendado) | Consola (RS232-TTL levels)
Comunicaciones RS485 (modelo SenNet CM) y SenNet RF 868 MHz (modelo SenNet CM RF)
Medidor interno de energía
(x3) CM
(x6 ) CM+
Referencia de corriente a través de:
CT 0,33Vac / RogowskiEnergía (reactiva-activa-aparente)
Potencia (reactiva-activa-aparente)
Factor de potencia
FrecuenciaReferencia de voltaje trifásico
Rango temperatura funcionamiento -20ºC..+60ºC
Rango de temperatura almacenamiento -30ºC..+85ºC

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