The management of lighting and other municipal services within the context of the Smart City requires a complete solution that allows the monitoring and management of technological resources that enable a city to be truly intelligent.


The SenNet IoT Lite controller is a device designed for installation in a lighting control panel to measure and control a lighting circuit.

The equipment integrates a high precision three-phase analyser that allows monitoring currents, voltages, powers (active, reactive and apparent), energies (active, reactive and apparent) both by phases and total. The high precision measurement of the frequency, as well as the detection of eggs and surges, allows the monitoring of the quality of the network.

The controller includes inputs and outputs in order to monitor and control the protections and manage alarms, for example of panel opening.

The control of the electrical circuit can be done by astronomical calculation, point to point with PLC communication or remotely.

The communication with the SCADA or Smart City Platform is done through 3G/GPRS, thanks to the router integrated in the equipment.

SenNet IoT Lite control is completely remotely manageable through the SenNet Device Manager platform that allows the equipment to be monitored, diagnosed, updated and configured remotely in a safe and efficient way from the cloud.



The SenNet IoT Plus controller is based on the SenNet IoT datalogger and complements the functionalities of the Lite equipment:

  • Monitoring of up to 27 three-phase circuits (3 integrated in the equipment and the rest through modular extensions)
  • It incorporates LongNet radio technology based on IoT modulation with long range to control environmental probes and remote actuators.
  • Through the display, the equipment offers important functionalities oriented to a fast and error-free installation and start-up, saving more than 45% of the time compared to standard solutions:
    • Support and guidance in installation with the mobile phone via QR
    • Self-validation of the installation to guarantee its correct operation and to achieve 0 errors.


SenNet Smart City is an-Internet of Things (IOT) platform focused on the monitoring and comprehensive management of a city’s sensorized and automated equipment. The SenNet Smart City platform collects, monitors and manages all the technological resources involved in the intelligent city, such as the city’s lighting regulation and monitoring equipment, environmental air quality probes, noise level measurement probes, etc.

The management of a Smart City requires managing thousands of sensors/actuators scattered throughout the city. Therefore, SenNet Industrial Wireless technology, which combines 2G/3G/4G communications with IoT Ultra Narrow Band technology, is an essential resource integrated with the SenNet Smart City platform.

The SenNet Smart City platform, in addition to communication with IoT devices, integrates with GIS Geographic Information Systems for the geolocation of resources. The information generated based on the devices and their location generates valuable information that SenNet Smart City organizes to offer a Big Data service aimed at the operation of the city and its commitment to the environment.

The main modules of the platform are:

  • Lighting Monitoring and Control
  • Maintenance Management Module (CMMS)
  • Preventive Maintenance Monitoring
  • Inventory


It consists of a simple and configurable interface based on Dashboards formed by configurable widgets, from which you can consult, control and manage the monitored data, control orders, alarms, etc.

The objective of SCOPE is to graphically represent the main indicators (widgets) that make up each dashboard, and to personalize them according to the role of each user and oriented towards their management and decision making.

A dashboard must transform data into information and knowledge for the business, in a simple, fast and effective way. That is why SenNet Scope is completely configurable and adaptable to your way of managing energy, customizable for each role in your company (technical, financial, management, etc.)

SenNet Scope is 100% configurable:

  • Design your own widgets of different types:
    • Diagrams, graphs, lists, KPI’s, correlations, etc.
  • Dynamic:
    • They show updated information of the selected parameters.
  • Interactive:
    • Filter, order and relate information.
    • They optimize space and improve consultation times.
    • They allow the control, acting on the digital outputs, etc…

The SenNet Scope platform combines maximum flexibility with simplicity, in the most cost-effective platform on the market.

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