We specialize in electricity and telecommunications. Our technicians have an extensive experience in monitoring and remote control systems.

Satel Iberia is a member of the Professional Association of Electrical Installations and Telecommunications of Madrid, Spain (APIEM). Satel Spain is also registered as is registered as a Telecommunications Installation Company in the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce with registration number 11035.

We cooperate with our distributors and partners, providing them the adequate training to carry out the installations and giving them support.


Monitoring and remote control systems usually consist of two distinct parts: data collection and data submision (for management).

The setting up of the equipment can be done in the field or remotely, thanks to the remote monitoring functionality that our solutions include.

Our products can be installed by qualified technicians that do not necessarily have experience in M2M (Machine To Machine) systems. In these cases, Satel Spain offers the option of supervising the installation. Our technicians check the connections and check the data acquisition and data submission processes. Satel Spain also provides support to the installers and guides them with the aspects which need to be improved upon.

Depending on the characteristics of the project, the setting up (commissioning) can be carried out at the site, or remotely, thanks to the remote-monitoring systems that our solutions incorporate.

The remote setting up is a good choice for clients that want to carry out the installation by themselves (distributors, installers, integrators…) and then require an specific supervision of the configuration and commissioning. With the remote setting up, the configuration can be tested to detect failures and to solve any possible problems.


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