All power plants with an installed capacity of over 1 MW have to inform in real time the grid operator (distribution network operator) about the energy generated.

The aforementioned facilities are required to send to the control centre every 12 seconds the measures of: active and reactive power, phase voltage and connection status of the switch.

SenNet solutions allow complying with the requirements of real-time telemetry according to the law.

THe solution is based on a datalogger with a GPRS moduel. The datalogger, through its digital inputs, monitors the utility meters. Next, it sends the data to the control centre in real time.

In addition, the equipment of the solution SenNet RTT can be used for adjusting the power generated according to the requirements of the network operator (Generation Power Control) and for monitoring the plant (SenNet Solar); thus providing a comprehensive solution.


  • Automatic remote operation
  • Integrable: It can monitor the plant and manage the electricity arrangements (dispatch management)
  • The system supports the protocols:
    • IEC 870-5-102
    • IEC 62056 modo C
  • Scalable and Compatible: More items can be monitored in the future if needed. Compatible with most devices. Works with most software platforms.
  • Inexpensive installation: Thanks to the diversity of communications (radio, GPRS, cable)
  • It helps you to comply with the arrangements of the Network Operator

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Datalogger SenNet DL172

Datalogger SenNet DL171

Datalogger SenNet DL170

Datalogger SenNet DL151

Datalogger SenNet DL150

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