Loss of an operating network in a marine environment can have disastrous consequences. Coastal manoeuvres, docking in harbors and maritime weather and environmental monitoring demand high accuracy and 24/7 real-time data communications.

Operations at sea also set high demands on equipment.

SATEL radio technology is used worldwide in a variety of GNSS RTK, remote measurement and control and interrogation applications.

It provides an independent solution based on quality, reliability, continuity and low cost throughout its life cycle. Radio technology is used both separately and integrated into the measuring devices. The installation is very simple.
SATEL’s technology is designed to withstand extreme conditions: salt water, high humidity, mechanical load and vibration and UV exposure.

Application examples:

  • Oilrig transport
  • ADCP data telemetry
  • Seismic tail buoy tracking
  • AIS data for VTS systems
  • Offloading telemetry for oil vessel
  • Piloting and berthing system
  • Camera control for offshore surveillance
  • Mareograph telemetry
  • Weather sensoring
  • Tide gauge telemetry
  • Oceanographic sensor telemetry
  • Monitoring of LNG bunkering

More safety with remote control.

SATEL also provides a solution for a wide range of remote control challenges related to switching on and off pumps, valves or warning lights or other wireless m2m points of use. The technology can be used to enhance safety and minimize the risk of accidents.

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