Radio Communication Solutions for Critical Infrastructures at “Porto Water Innovation Week 2017”.

“Porto Water Innovation Week” will be held from the 24th to the 30th of September, the city of Porto will be, during that week, the capital of the Innovation in the Water Management Field. A set of 3 events will gather more than 1000 participants and Satel Iberia will be as an expositor and speaker. […]

Environmental Monitoring VAISALA

No compromises on quality in windshear alert system Sudden windshears or downdrafts are dangerous phenomena for aircraft during the takeoff and landing. Downdrafts typically arise in the tropics, and they have a connection to air accidents. At Bangkok airport SATEL radio modems are used in windshear alert system built by Vaisala. Vaisala is a global […]


Heavy duty scaling Teknoscale Oy, a private company focused on manufacturing axle load scales and other special scales, has applied SATEL’s technology to the data transfer of vehicle and aircraft scales. Radio modems are integrated into the measurement device. Measurements are done accurately, quickly and safely. Teknoscale’s products have been widely used by traffic control […]