Our company specializes in radio frequency connections. We carry out coverage studies to determine the type of radio and antennas that best meet the needs of our customers.
We have: extensive field experience, specialised technicians and specific radio frequency equipment to perform coverage studies.


This service is complementary with the service: Project certification.

We offer two types of coverage studies:

Theoretical coverage study (free service)

When someone purchases a solution from SenNet, our technicians can provide, upon request, a theoretical study based on the coordinates of the points where the devices are going to be installed (without travelling to the customer’s site to carry out the study).

This study takes into account the characteristics of the radio modems and the terrain, but it does not take into consideration other natural obstacles such as trees. Neither takes into consideration artificial obstacles like walls. Hence, the results of this study are not binding.

Field coverage study

This study tests the signal level at all points of the installation, taking into account natural and artificial obstacles and the characteristics of the radio modems, antennas and cables used.

The field study guarantees that the devices purchased are appropriate for the characteristics of your installation.


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