Measurement of alternating current

Rogowski coils or probes are current transducers used for measuring alternating current. Rogowski coils are often used instead of the split-core current transformers (CT), in cases where there are cables with large section or sets of several wires to be metered at the same time. The diameter of Rogowski coils is much larger than that of the current transformers. They are also suitable for cases in which the rated current of the circuit is above 800 A and below 5000 A.

When using Rogowski coils, the following installation guidelines shall be followed:

  • For the SenNet dataloggers with internal electricity meters (DL151, DL171 and DL172): the Rogowski coils can be connected directly to the datalogger
  • For SenNet Meter: use the set of 3 Rogowski coils with a 0.33Vac adaptor