More power, greater measurement.

Equipped with a variable-speed processor (600 MHz to 1 GHz) and a 512 MB RAM memory, the SenNet DL150 is a powerful datalogger that can read up to 100 external devices.

Reading the devices

One of the strengths of the SenNet dataloggers is the variety of connections available. The DL150 can read the devices connected through Ethernet and RS485; furthermore, there is an option to install a WiFi router through the USB. The optional radio module (868 MHz with range up to 1 km, optional Z-Wave) can be also used to read devices.

There is a wide variety of protocols supported by the internal software of the data logger (web server), among others: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Mbus, KNX, Z-Wave (optional), IEC 870-5-102, DLMS / COSEM, IEC 62056-21, IEC 6107… Furthermore, it supports proprietary protocols developed by other manufacturers.

Sending the data

The data captured can be sent through the Ethernet port or connecting a WiFi router to the USB. The datalogger supports, both, request mechanisms (pull) or automatic sending (pull).

The data can be displayed in real time, connecting an external display to the HDMI port (optional). Furthermore, the energy management software All-In-One can be installed in the datalogger so the data can be sent to an internal server of the client, without sending them to the cloud.



Alimentación 5 Vdc
Conectividad Ethernet Wi-Fi (puerto USB) opcional HDMI opcional
Interfaz RS485 Terminal
Sistema operativo / procesadores Linux 3.8.13 ARM® Cortex ®-A-8- based core de 600 MHz a 1 GHz
Memoria RAM 512MB
eMMC interna 2GB / 4GB
Ampliación de memoria (no incl.) micro-SD 4 GB (opcional no extraíble) Necesaria para el uso de la plataforma embebida All-In-One
Batería Batería interna para backup. 45 min (aprox.)
Reloj de tiempo real Real time clock
Radio Frecuencia (opcional) SenNet RF 868MHz

(disponible también en 915 MHz o 784 MHz)

Zwave (opcional)
Montaje Carril DIN