Compact monitoring of electric loads.

The model DL172 is designed to monitor a large number of electric loads in a compact format. The DL172 includes six 3-phase electric meters that can be configured also as 18 single-phase or as a combination of single and three-phase. It is a GPRS datalogger (op optionally, with GSM or 3G instead).

Reading the devices

The model DL171 incorporates a radio frequency module (868 MHz) as well as RS232 and RS485 ports. GPRS connectivity is optionally available. With all these possibilities, the datalogger can communicate with almost any device regardless of the distance. The device has digital inputs and outputs for remote control.

Like all SenNet dataloggers, the DL172 can read up to 100 devices. If needed, the energy management platform All in One, can be embedded into the datalogger so the data are sent to an internal server of the client, without sending them to the cloud.

Internal electricity meters

This model is the only one in the market that includes 6 three-phase electricity meters, configurable also as 18 single-phase or as a combination. The internal electricity meters allow monitoring: power, energy (active, reactive and apparent), power factor, current, voltage, frequency and frequency.

All electricity meters are class 1 for energy metering and class 0,5 for power. There are two references for voltage, which is useful for applications with two transformers (secondary and primary).

Sending the data

Just as models DL170 and DL171, the data logger DL172 is GPRS / GSM / 3G. It can send the data through a router connected to the Ethernet port or using the internal cellular router.

Furthermore, for small facilities – with a single datalogger and less than 100 devices – the internal energy management software All in One can be embedded so data can be sent to an internal server with no need to send it to the cloud.



Alimentación 8..30 Vdc
Conectividad Ethernet GSM-GPRS
(3G) opcional
Interfaz RS485 RS232  RS232 (terminal)
Entradas y Salidas (x1) salida (5V @ 300 mA) (x3) salida estándar (Vinput @ 100 mA) (x4) entrada estándar
Sistema operativo / procesadores Linux 3.8.13 ARM® Cortex ®-A-8- based core de 600 MHz a 1 GHz
Memoria RAM 512MB
eMMC interna 2GB / 4GB
Ampliación de memoria (no incl.) micro-SD externa Necesaria para el uso de la plataforma embebida All-In-One
Batería Batería interna para backup. 45 min (aprox.)
Reloj de tiempo real Real time clock
Radio Frecuencia (opcional) SenNet RF 868MHz Zwave (opcional)
Medidores internos de energía
Medidor interno para sistemas trifásicos (CT 0.33 Vac / sondas Rogowski). Medidor de tensión para 3 fases. Energía (activa / reactiva / aparente)
Potencia (activa / reactiva / aparente)
Factor de potencia
Montaje Carril DIN