In hourly rate discrimination, the cost per kWh depends on the period of time in which the consumption is made.

With this solution it is now possible to decide which equipment will be switched on during the lowest cost periods (e.g. period 3 or 6) in order to obtain significant savings in the electricity bill.
The aim of the solution is to automate the start/stop of the equipment, taking into account the periods in which the kWh is more economical and to be able to indicate additional conditions that provide more effective control.

Control del periodo tarifario


Precise control: Easily automate the start/stop of equipment so that it can be precisely adjusted (time synchronized with the company counter) to the desired tariff period.
Detailed information: Additional meter data such as load curve, monthly closing, etc. are available. Delivery can be made via Ethernet or GPRS/3G to a SCADA or FTP server.
Set up your own rules: Define rules for start/stop involving more complex criteria such as power control, etc. if desired.
Up to 10 devices: Control start/stop of up to 10 devices
Easy installation: Only one datalogger and one power supply required.

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