An easy and inexpensive solution that is revolutionizing the meter reading system

Our solution SenNet Remote Metering is based on a compact data concentrator (or data logger) adapted to industrial environments. The data concentrator is standalone and independent. It has communications through GSM/RTC/GPRS/LAN, an internal web server and large storage capacity.

It is unattended, it can automatically download the data through GSM or GPRS calls retrying them in case of disconnection, ensuring the reliability of the proccess. It works as a watch dog system.

The data are downloaded in a CSV format and stored in the datalogger. Furthermote, they can be sent to an FTP server, and/or to a management platform.


  • Comprehensive: Internal server, communications GSM/RTC/GPRS/LAN, as well as, advanced software and storage capacity
  • Unattended: It is a GPRS telemetry data logger able to automatically call the utility meters; moreover, the system retries the call in case of failure, ensuring the reliability. Watchdog system.
  • Standalone: WIRELESS, easy to move to another facility.
  • Reliable: Conceived for monitoring. The datalogger does not depend on external PCs to work. The performance is optimal.
  • Stable: The datalogger uses LINUX technology. The system is compact and robust and minimizes the possibilities of failure.
  • Inexpensive: NO software licenses required, no external PC needed. It is a reliable system with high durability.
  • Easy: It uses its own software. You just have to configure it once and let it work, no need to involve the technical department of your company.

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Datalogger SenNet DL172

Datalogger SenNet DL171

Datalogger SenNet DL170

Datalogger SenNet DL151

Datalogger SenNet DL150

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